Critical Mid West Port Upgrade Project Entrusted to GCo Electrical

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2015 at 12:00:00 AM

When the Mid West Port Authority decided to proceed with a major upgrade to their bulk minerals export ship loader (SL 04) at Geraldton Port they selected GCo Electrical to undertake the complete procurement and installation work scope.

The works will see the complete replacement of the Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls (EIC) on the massive SL-04 ship loader - a critical piece of infrastructure for the Port of Geraldton and one which loads millions of tons of mineral ores each year.

GCo Electrical will procure millions of dollars in critical and complex equipment to be incorporated in the upgrade and then install this equipment together with power and control cables and associated cable tray and fibre optic systems that underpin the measurement and control systems used to load the large bulk tankers that berth weekly at the port.  

Items included in this upgrade include;

  • New Motor Control Centre (MCC)
  • New cable and hose reelers that enable the ship loader to move laterally along the wharf yet stay connected to essential services
  • Advanced Anti Collision systems to keep the operations safe
  • State of the art Program Logic Control (PLC) systems that act as the ship loaders “brain”. The PLC system is integrated into the Geraldton Port’s overall Control System so activities can be co-ordinated across the entire Ports operations.

This SL-04 Upgrade Project continues the long history that GCo has in successful project delivery to the Mid West Ports Authority and also demonstrates the ever expanding capabilities of GCo Electrical in delivering complex EIC projects.

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