Cleanaway’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) is the most advanced commingled recovery system in the country, with state of the art optical sorting technology capable of separating recyclable materials including plastics, metals, paper and cardboard. This new plant will deliver some of the highest diversion rates in Australia – 97 percent.  The MRF has the capacity to separate and bale up to 50 tonnes of waste per hour.  

GCo Contracted to Bulk Handling Systems to carry out the Electrical Installation of Cleanaway’s (MRF).  

GCo designed the cable system for the MRF Plant which included a total of 174 electrical drives including 97 conveyors. The remaining drives comprising of other specialist equipment required for the Recycling Material Separation process. 

The electrical installation used over 35,000 metres of cable and 1200 metres of cable ladder throughout the plant.

Cleanaway Recycling Facility

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