Project Definition

Drawing on our experience and applying specialist technical knowledge to develop robust solutions is one of GCo Australia’s strengths.

For over 20 years, we have supported clients in developing their projects by providing advice and services in electrical, instrumentation and control disciplines throughout Australia.

Our team brings together experience from diverse industries, giving a unique perspective to the identification of project risks, and the ability to resolve issues in a pragmatic and efficient way.

By working with our clients from the outset, we develop design and delivery strategies which consider site location, existing infrastructure, choice of equipment, and whole-of-life costs.

Our project definition services include:

  • Concept design review and analysis
  • Risk and value engineering input
  • Detailed EIC system design
  • Integrated planning and scheduling
  • Procurement and equipment selection
  • EIC package scoping
  • Budget estimates
  • Project execution strategies

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