GCo Successfully Complete Giant Solar Power Plant Project

Published: Thursday, 18 June 2015 at 12:00:00 AM

The southern hemisphere's largest Solar Power Plant project was completed in June 2015 and GCo successfully delivered the entire electrical installation scope for the 102 MW power plant constructed near Nyngan in New South Wales.

The remote power plant delivers power to the eastern seaboard Interconnected Grid and is owned by AGL Pty Ltd.  The two main on site contractors, GCo and WBHO delivered the works to First Solar who designed the Photo Voltaic (PV) power station and provided the plant and materials for the installation.  First Solar are a USA company that has successfully delivered Solar Power plants across the globe, including several in Australia.

The facility covers 250 hectares set amongst farming land about 10 kms from Nyngan and amazingly incorporates 1,350,000 PV panels (modules)- each one to be connected into the complex network of Power Converter units that convert the DC output of the solar modules into High Voltage  AC for long distance delivery through the Interconnected Grid.

GCo’s large team of specialist electricians and construction personnel completed the electrical installation scope in 8 months then assisted First Solar with the plant commissioning.

The Nyngan Project is the fourth Solar Power Plant that GCo has helped deliver across Australia and complements the companies credentials in renewable generation with Wind Turbine Power Plants.

GCo also has extensive experience in traditional gas fired peaking plants and remote diesel powered off grid installations.

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